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Granite Ware 3-pc. Lobster and Clam Steamer Set
Granite Ware 3-pc. Lobster and Clam Steamer Set
Don't wait for a trip to Maine to enjoy fresh lobster, clams, crab and other seafood. Using this 19-qt. Lobster Steamer, you can cook up enough for all your friends and family right at home. The pot is designed to hold your seafood in the top pot and your water in the bottom, so instead of risking over-boiling your food, you get freshly steamed and ready to serve succulent results. The juicy broth captured in the bottom can be saved for making stews, bouillabaisse, chowder and sauces. The handy faucet spigot lets you easily drain or siphon off the liquid without wasting a drop. Columbian Home Products has been manufacturing its Granite Ware pots and pans for more than 125 years -- porcelain on steel cookware that's easy to handle and provides lasting performance and value. Not suitable for ceramic-top stoves.   

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